The Most Genuine People In The Business

About Ari Admani & Co.  

Ari Admani & Company is the premier firm specializing in the business affairs of some of 
your favorite people in the world.  We consult billionaires, multi-millionaires, record labels, multi-platinum artists, grammy winners, sports team owners, athletes, actors, app developers, social network creators, authors, fashion designers, models and maybe even YOU.

We have 13+ years of experience and a 55,000+ cult like audience.  We were put in business by Ari's mentor the legendary Bert Padell.

For musicians we do everything from Marketing & Pr, to the hiring of Grammy-award winners
to create critically acclaimed projects.  We're masters at tour scheduling, booking, artist features on records, celebrity appearances/partnerships.

Check out more about how everyone loves Ari from Tony Robbins to Lil Wayne to Jon Shecter to The Heatmakerz to Fred The Godson to Scott Vener to Brandy & Ray J's Momma to Tila Nguyen to Hot 97 personality Ebro to Universal Republic EVP Charlie Walk to Idris (Chief Keef) to Leroy Benros (Angel Haze) to Forbes writer Zack O'Malley Greenburg to Fashion Designers (Costello Tagliapietra) and even Naughty by Nature.

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