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Ari Gets BIG Birthday Love

I'm SO overwhelmed with the birthday love. I've taken the time to respond to each and every one of you! It's a lot to look through so hit Ctrl F and type in your name to find yourself. Thank you for shaping my journey. Love - Ari

Famous Friends

Tony Robbins - Thanks for shaping my life.
Lil Wayne - Thank you for everything you've ever done for me brother.
Treach - Thanks for the knowledge and for always wanting me to spit those bars.
Mark Cuban - I'm blessed to be able to communicate with you.
Dame Dash - I'll never forget no matter what happens.
Bert Padell - I'm gonna take what you started and turn it into a billion
Joe Blast - Thanks for the birthday deal.  #BrothersForLife
Bethenny - I love anything you cook!
netflix - You're REVOLUTIONARY!
alexia - I'll take your news if you let me keep my heart. ;)
BlackBerry - #TeamBlackBerry
NHL - Marion Hossa is still my favorite!
waktuSMA - Thanks for shaping young minds.

Twitter Friends

seanarcher205 - Keep working hard. I see what you do.

soulwindow - Thanks for being so sweet.

iPetim - Your beauty is still left. ;)

queenofrant - I love how you NEVER pull punches. Never stop..

roseE_x3 - I thank Jesus for you..

Shon_Doe - The world LOVES compulsive thinkers like US.

nay731 - I LOVE that you're boy crazy.

COMMONWEALTHFAM - You guys are the MOST talented. Now go become the most stable.

lovelyMadus - I think you LOVE life a lil more than me. :p

Tish_Bish - Let's minaj with nicki... :p

LaBeauteNoire3 - Don't EVER behave..

amaliaindy - Keep smiling cutie!

daniella_daiuto - You're a lot of fun.

ThaRealJHAZE - You're the most consistent. Now go be the most talented..

ALwayZSmackeD- Where The Cash At...Where The Where The Cash At..

WAGNERGIRLE - My Conservative Girl.

STLjnette - I LOVE the way you go HAMM!

ChuckieObienu - You're so outta space you're in another ORBIT!

whufflepuppy - Go LEFT young man. LOL

DominoDeNiro - Lambda Lambda Lambda :nerd smile:

MichaelWarbux - Family Since 2007

dreda18 - Keep Traveling. The power is in the people in those country towns.

Mr7Series - While they thumb through the source YOU read the Robb Report..

HCGrenew - You're a great father! Keep it up!!

MissBaddie - No cares in the world babe..

RoxieKat - :puts new suit on just for you:

dicarape - Come here gypsy girl. ;)

SushGirl - :sends you a bottle of wine:

eyo_omat - I LOVE your quotes!

DedaRose - You're LOVED!

Haitianboyslick - Keep getting that paper..

Creazy239 - Fort Myers Salute!

MusicalAbuse - Love You

IamLittleJohnny - You're the biggest johnny I know.

mayhemlikeme - You're the 8th deadly sin. :p

RedLippedDiva - :waits for you to put your lipstick on me:

SaM_Muzik - Keep Making Music!

TikaPanggabean - I LOVE those dogs!

adyluv - My international honeyberry... ;)

staffmusic - Salute To Tha Staff!

KristenRau - Love That Smile..

kfrench45 - Thanks for helping make Montell Great!

nannakrolll - I'm coming to Brazil!

dapresidential1 - Brothers For Life!

markphaverkamp - Heard you left the states the day before my birthday!

ChangitosMOM - Thanks for being a wonderful momma!

suzanbeelicious - I think you're VERY colorful!

marischkaprue - I LOVE your tweets.

hardknoxfirst - You tweet with such conviction!

penlan - You have GREAT world views.

janleymd - And You Pay Your Taxes..

jusylfruit - You're NEVER a DRAG..

waktuSMA - Thanks for shaping minds..

NHL - Marian Hossa is still my favorite.

hery_mg - Always Stay V...

gustii - I didn't know you were a fortune teller...

xboxsonic - I miss Seatlle!

justVero - Love those eyes...

bcbjnr - Diplomats For Life...

MrRobinson313 - You're the only lawyer I want representing me..

DJHazePiffnten - #HazeForPresident

verayunia - LOVE that smile..

FabAndroid - Music Junkie's For Life..

GetOffMaDckBtch #TeamMOB

SolomanKemp - #DMVSalute

LuvChinna - I LOVE YOU!

tough19 - You ROCK my world!

samylesly - Selena is the BEST!

DownSouthMusic - Keep Chasing That Dream!

Tahrell - #QueensSalute

jaianaklb123 - Dreams Come True!

cutthecheck - You're a twitter #RockStar

tashyftw - They're Squares.  You're a triangle.

TheBumsteads - No such thing as coincidence!

JKHayden1066 - Happy Birthday!

Niah716 - I'll keep you working that Hermes Birkin Bag

MrShawnDre - I celebrate you brother!

chrissyynicole - 5'7 Thugs are DANGEROUS :p

ImSo242 - Look me up when you graduate.

Mahlisa_Nazrene - Without you God only knows...

FostersProblem - It's all about the

Hollywood732 - Can't wait for our movie!

pamisley - Pass me your scones.. ;)

MelloYelloBezel - You're the FLYEST!

jarahedmom - Qu'est-ce que je ferais sans toi?

GKennedymusic - It's all about shenanigans!

RenaAshley - If I wasn't an Admani, I'd want to be a Haber..

BlingDC - You're a great Protege!

bigwhoopitweet - Love the jewels you tweet.

AtomicNick - South East Wales Salute!

MotherJones - Smart and Fearless.  That's a dangerous combination..

theaznecho - Here's to more beautiful women Henry!

zoezoeboys - #MogulSalute

ezTrellitaLight - You're the cutest..

BrendaClayson - Love You Christy!

AfinaFz - Teach me Malay

ALakerfan78 - Tax Slave Salute!

ImSoBenevolent - Cloud 10 coming up...

Meddafore - Family since 03..

diorgn - I fancy that world too!

hasyimAMAN - No laziness in 2011 young man!  lol

gadiiing - Terima kasih

AnKrel - #ArtistAtHeartSalute

AbbyxRose - Miss You...

nu_thaaBeauty - You're crazy, sexy, cool..

dutchguy22 - #NoordoostSalute

geauxmichelle - I love your writing!

flowersandfun - Great Site!

AhmedKhan01 - I'm praying for Egypt!

VictorySitohang - I thank Jesus for you!

_ChokySitohang - God's Plan, Our Effort..

SavvyJacqueline - Can't wait to see you in New York!

PhiCar - Life is the best romance..

knnaji - I miss you being my sister in law. :(

voluptuosvixen - Love You wonderful momma.

sarliz88 - #WifeySalute

nikkineedisaymo - #AtlanticStationSalute

Facebook Friends

Gina Rerecich - So proud of you!

Rob Antonetti - Thanks for what you do for our country.

Tarik Livingstone - Thanks for helping to bring hip-hop to Guttenberg.

Mike Fudge Vargas - You're the most laid back, coolest dude in the room..

Ricky Bodden - I LOVE how you take care of your family!

Gina Radovic Maksimow - February 3rd is coming soon!

Jason Juliano - #AlkSalute

Patricia Laro-Harper - Miss You Cutie!

Emotion Eventz - It ain't a party without Emotion.

Melinda Alberto - You make some beautiful babies!

Gary Ampudia - You have a beautiful family!

Nicole Neglia Patilla - You look VERY happy!

Sylvester Hill III - Keep Pushing.  You're almost there.

Mabel M Triguero -  I heard Guttenberg misses you..

Al Zamora - #MidwestSalute

Natalie Ruiz - Love that smile...

Nicole Di Mattina-Alvarez - Wishes upon a lucky star..

Kelly Ann Graham-Kasper - Mocha is real cute!  Reminds me of Mogwai. LOL

Darlene Kwedar - You Sexy Thang

Carla Chaparro - Cute Stuff

Jessica Ajodha - Sexy Sexy

Jesse Ricketts - Still the coolest kids in town...

Jazz' Thomas-Jones - Shhh It's Top Secret!

Ysili Veras - I've got a skin fetish too... ;)

Fly Guy - The fly guy knows all..

Carol Molina -  You're still my favorite drama queen.  Even if you're NOT so dramatic anymore..

Joseph Hernandez - #CaliLove

Nicole Raff - Miss your texts... :(

Diron Kelly - #PlainfieldSalute

Josie Done - Happy 18th to your little girl!

Rene Martinez - I heard you run Texas.  Word to #OGRonC

Mirella Piniella Altamirano - I could NEVER be mad at you doll...

Jackeline Aragon - You keep me smiling...

Carol J Huertas-Camacho - Belated Happy Birthday!

Gerald James Minor - #QueensSalute

Carmen Rosario - You do sparkle... ;)

Tatiana Strehle - I have so much respect for you and your family.

Jeff Adkisson - #PartyAnimalSalute :inside joke:

Nicholas Howard - It's all magic homie...

Angelica Gonzalez - That smile lights up the room...

Lakesha Calloway - You make me miss Miami!

Johnny Aragon - I'm proud of what you've become.

Jacelyn Garcia - I like you with the blue Marge hair!

Gloria Elena Rincon - Thank you for being a wonderful momma!

Leydy Valdes - I'm funnier but you're sexier :p

Maria Tasiopoulos - You never know how far, too far is, until you go too far..

Sahily Garcia Paoline - Your pics make me miss Utah!

Dana Agosto Soto - Remember all the stores we opened!  Good times!!

Donna Morin - That smile is dangerous!

De'shawn Jackson - #SipEntertainmentSalute

Justo Angel Rosario - Happy Belated Birthday brother!

Helen Perretta - Wanna teach me how to play Farmville?

Juan Montalvo - You're birthday's coming up!  Bottles on deck...

Doris Carolina Gale-Albino - I'm gonna watch Inception today just because of you!

Kris-Ann Zimmer - Thnks Cutie!

Arthur Gregory 'Aj' Pugh - You're the best big brother a man could have.

Judy Farinas-Espaillat - Ridgefield Park is my second favorite town after Edgewater

Mieasha M. Stroud - I love you more for loving Oregon Trail.

Nicole DeSantis Tortorella - I'm proud at how far you've come..

Melanie Wheeler - Thanks for giving us the Wheeler Clan, Momma Wheeler.

Hollie Ruppert - That Brumo Mars pics makes me crack up!

Angella Dimidis-Kritoulis - That's a beautiful family you have there.

Zelina Valencia - I would never cheat either! :p

Chris Boss Negron - You're the biggest boss that we've seen thus far..

Nelson Martinez - You're as real as FB gets brother!

Cathy J Zepeda - Thanks for being a GREAT momma.

Shakira E. Palacios - I love the way you play the game.  Next batter up.. :p

Jackie Maloney - You and Emily are SO lucky to have each other!

Crystal Petersen Moroney - Not too shabby for two Guttenberg kids eh? ;)

Ann Marie Sorrentino Pinet - You've got 4 GREAT kids!  Kudos on all you do!!

Karte K. Mays-Fowler - I have FAITH in you brother!

Ismail Edin - When I go to Turkey you're the first person I'm calling..

Sahydi Garcia - "Politics Make Strange Bedfellows" :p

Alexandra Pabisova - New York is calling.  Can't you hear it's heartbeat..

George Herbison Jr - Miss our talks!

Elise Feurtado - You really do have the cutest puppy. ;)

Shimmy Shan - #MogulSalute

H S Reed Jr - We spoke it into existence brother!

Anthony Chin - #FatBeatsForever

Vicki Perry - That Vicki Perry's got

Jeanette Perry - Beuller, Beuller, Beuller, Anyone, Anyone... ;)

Kyria McBrayer-Christison - I love making you laugh so hard that people think you're crazy... :p

Joseph Isa - #MommasBoySalute

Donna Triguero - I like to dance but I'll never give you a song and dance... ;)

Jessica Connelly - You DESERVE a vacation...

Tatiana Gonzalez Lau - Women Do Make EVERYTHING greater!

Gwenda Schultz - Motion Creates Emotion ;)

Kathy Piazza - I still LOVE that smile.

Vivian Rivera - You should bottle sexiness and sell it. ;)

Justin Cottingham - That boy Nizzy cool as ice...

Sean Leakey - 100k today, 1m tomorrow.

Karlito Richardz - Westside!

Charles Wilson - My boy getting that ATM money. LOL

Michelle Puello Roeser - I love how far you've come!

Marlon Sr - ALWAYS Positive vibes when I read your posts.

Dena Gabr-Manzanarez - That's a cute puppy you got there!

Wendy Booker - You're too sexy for FB.

Maria Gesualdi - I'll let you win next time. ;)

Herman McClenton - God shines through your art..

Shasha Kain - "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon". :p

Liz Torres - You deserve the very best..

Denise Mortel Mitchell - How did the lord put so much strength in that lil body?

Vanessa Stevenson - I love the way your eyes sparkle.

Michael J Cieckiewicz - You're still BADASS! lol

Dawnmarie Appello - The next guy WON'T be Psycho.  I promise..

Lilian Soto - How come when I'm sick, I never get a nurse like

Monique Bka Moe - I use the word "nincompoopery" because of you. lol

Stephanie Ramos-Reyes - You have a BEAUTIFUL family.  I love that pic on the deck.

Carolyn Miles-Brown - I'm a lover of people as well.

Renee Clark - You're the sexiest girl in the room love.  Always remember that..

Barbara Sherry - In our next lifetime let's meet sooner. :p

Rob Roy'al Fleming - I love your community of friends.  I think you're a #Rockstar.

Kathy Aleman - Gaby is ADORABLE!

Ernie Gaines - After Slim from 112 you're my favorite voice.

Jennifer Nielsen-Fariello - Johnny Walker Blue next time I see you..

SwagStar Wayne - You've always had the swag.  Now go get the discipline.

Lisa Castillo - I love who you have become.

Katie Sellu - Can't wait till you're running the 26th floor.  Tell Craig to kick his feet back. ;)

Manushka Gracia-Desgage - You give me faith in humanity..

Marisol Ramirez - Aleixis is the CUTEST!

Anthony Caramucci - I always crack up when I see the pic of your dog by the remote. lmao

Rick Smojver - Happy Belated Brother!

Daryne Ligon - Brothers For Life.  No money can change that..

Christopher M. Smith - You post the funniest pics!

Ivelisse Garcia DePew - That dog was made just for you! lmao

Aleidy Encarnacion-Johnson - #BananaRepublicSalute

Angelica Rojas - How do you make glasses SO SEXY?

Alan Macho Olán - Lilianna is a BLESSING!

Diana C. Martinez - Love is my religion as well...

Melissa Welz - We share moments in time that no one can take away..

Raphael Lo Boyd - #HeavyHandzSalute

Johanna Fuentes - You're the only person who loves Fraggle Rock more than me..

Melissa Mangan Gonzalez - I love that pic where you kiss your baby's forehead.

Ciara Lopez - The greatest smile award ALWAYS goes to you.

Julie Ellinger Hunt - Your birthdays coming!  Woot Woot!!

Dave Travieso - When are you doing Vegas again?  Those pics look like good times!

Tiffany Baxter - I love when you smile so never be sad again okay..

Janice Riley - They ain't got nothing on you...

Jessica Googie Valdez - Googs, I know what guys wanna do with you but I just wanna mind meld. lmao

IAm Kemickal - D-I-T-I-G-A-L Hustler... :Ice T Voice:

Dan Metsch - I  wish I could say something classy and inspirational but that just wouldn't be our style. lol

Sandra Del Rosario - I can't believe we never met as kids.

Jasim De La Torre - You're the hottest chick in the game rockin a chain..

Michael Chicarielli - I haven't spoken to Coco since 2006.  Is he still on the west coast?

Stephanie Setliff - How do you balance being the best mom and being beautiful?

Patti Guasconi-Contreras - I love that sketch of you and Brooklyn!

Ahmed Boogatti Mcclennon - So fresh like I'm chilling on the shelf...

Yausy Sanchez - Love You bubu

Ingrid Paillaman - That bottle of 181 makes my mouth water...

Valerie Vázquez - So how come we never celebrated our birthdays together? lol

Cindy Roman - Cutest Son Award goes to you! lol

Yessi Sosa - North Bergen misses you!

Kristine Cook - Please define "Scrazy" lol

Silk Kelly - You've come so far brother!

Wayne Strehle- Between your family and what you do for our country I think you're the real superman...

Tony Denis - Any of that Christmas liquor left? lol

Diana Sarmiento - I like your dimples.

Christa Rogers - I LOVE that smile.

Rosa Sanfilippo - I think you're the only person who loves snow! lol

Michelle Balser Peterson - First drinks on me when I'm back in Michigan.

Roderick Parker - The party don't start till you walk in homie..

Michael Karcic - Your lil girl is getting so big.

Ruth Dilger Williams - You're Heart + Art.  You're a

Jacksette Trujillo - Miss You so much...

Nádia Cristina Carvalho Johnson - I love EVERYTHING you stand for..

Cristina Barthel - How did god fit such a big heart in that thin body?

Cynthia Nieves - You make sexy look so easy..

Eileen Rijo - You have no flaws.  He made you perfect.

Alison Sinisi - You deserve only the BEST!

Rich Valdes - Last one to the White House is a rotten egg...

Wanda Espinal - You look happy and I'm happy for you!

Kevin Dille - So proud of the man you've become brother!

Michelle Talarico-Avino - Shawshank Redemption is my favorite too!

Sonia Valeria Marti - I didn't know classy, funny, pretty and stable went together till I met you...

King Scrapy - I'm proud of the family man you've become!

Isi Feliciano - No writer's block in 2011.  I and my army read everything you write..

Maria Gomez - That post you and your daughter wrote is PRICELESS!

Jacqueline Bourdony - LOVE that smile...

Jeri Wingo I LOVE your pics.  They take me back...

Elaine Alvarez - Best Smile Award goes to you!

Ria Ramdass - Happy Belated Birthday!

Raquel Machado - Looks like you have an amazing life!

Jennifer Arnone - Love those eyes.  They're so deep!

Brandon 'Misfit Leroy' Flournoy - I didn't know you were a kung fu master too!

Chontelle Lyfe Forrest - I appreciate you!

Athena Campoverde - You make my online life GREAT!

Nikki Nicole - I heard you're the leader of the Bad Girls Club...

Eve Pearce - I LOVE your old school pics! lol

Christina Diaz Garcia - :fingers crossed for your Steelers:

Jen Quintero - Love You Cougar

Nyoki Boone - Always wanted to tell you how pretty you are..

Christine Scarpato-guzman - :sends snow boots in the mail:

Nino Alves - You're the new age Warren Buffett brother..

Gabriella Rotundo Trivisonno - Your hair always has that blowing in the wind look. ;)

Anamaría Flores - I'm glad you're so HAPPY with your life!

Colleen Tamburo - Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for Guttenberg

Deaf Shakes Prod - Can't wait to see you in my office when you come to the states!

Kristielyn Heiser - Luna is the CUTEST!

Phillip Thompson Sbjs - I bet you still play the drums better that 90% of the industry.

Jolene Mantineo - You're one of a kind.  Always have been...

Lynda 'Kechy - I hope this Friendship Never Ends..

Antoinette Ivey - Love that smile!

Rebecca Rivera - You're too sexy for FB. ;)

Kai H. Mustafa - ILLEST sweater game

Tianna Martinez - I LOVE your crazy posts!

Dimitris Fantidis - Thanks for posting all the cool music links!

Carrie Hildebrand - That resume pic is great!  I would hire you..

Antoine Ouattara - You post some great music!

Jacqueline Tayson - You're are the TOTAL package. ;)

Natasha Hoskie - I like that pic where you scrunch up your face! lol

Laysa Cepeda - You and Juan look so happy together!

Keith G Hilcken - A million thanks for all you do for Guttenberg..

Alexandra Fajardo - You deserve EVERYTHING you desire.  Never settle for less...

Tonyablessed Ray - ILLEST shoe game...period.

Vanessa Tavares - I miss you when you go for too long. lol

Derrick Aaron - Any brother of his is a brother of mine...

April Ann Dunisch - You are the reason why the world loves me again...

Kedwin Herrera - Coolest brother EVER, no question...

Babi Chellz S Fly - Best legs on FB.  I said

Jessie Llana - Love those eyes!

Robyn Lavoie - You have a beautiful family.

Amanda Haj - That puppy is the cutest!

Stefan Schecter - Your grind has gotten serious..

Fara Laura Faz - I hate winter just as much.  Let's take a

Justin Williams - You post some great quotes!

Jenielle DeLeon - More #DesiBurger with cheese please..

Monica Mas - When you're bad you're BEST.. ;)

Mz'Beautiiful Kenyyetta - Best pic game on FB!

King Charlton - Our birthdays are only 4 days apart.  Crazy!

Suzanne Africa Engo - Lunch soon please.  Should I send #GoodAri or #NaughtyAri

Wilkins Noriega - Most laid back brother EVER!

Manushka Gracia-Desgage - You my love are why the future is GREAT!

Ryan Burger - I've got your bail money ANYTIME. LOL

Annsonita Robinson - You should be a journalist.  You post some GREAT links.

Mohammed Ferras Alhomsi - Brother so proud of the man you've become!

Andrea Barattin - I love to see you smile.

Louis Knoetig - Proud of your growth bro!

Mar Ortiz - Next life let's finish what we started :p

Silvia Sekerova - I love speaking to you in Slovak.

Samantha J Lopez - 1 day apart and we've never celebrated together.. :(

Patti Garcia - You have a beautiful family!

Kimmy Rivas-Currie - So happy you got a second chance at love!

Demetrio Ayala - I dig the big cuban hat. lol

Mathew Klein - Find me a band to sign dude!

Ileana Casco - We need an ALK reunion..

Tania Escudero - So happy that you found love again.

Abel Basulto - Steelers!  Steelers!!

James Gallo - Steelers Got This Bro!

Holly Malgieri - Sing To Me Already.. ;)

Zoraida Barrios - Love that smile!

Linda Polites - When's your next acting role.  I wanna see. :)

Brenda Ona - That family of yours is so lucky to have you..

Bay Jones - I'm going going back back to Michigan.. :Big Voice:

Sandy Rodgers - Thanks for filling up my "laughbox"

Ez May - If I wasn't then why would I say I am... :p

Ronald Cosgrove - You post great party music!

Kyle Servera - In my next life I want to be as much fun as you..

Yessenia Echeverri - You have one incredible family!

Ceclia Ihlo - Sexy Ceci I miss you honey..

Monica Perez - I still love seeing that smile after all these decades..

Noemi Checo - Best Dressed on FB. ;)

Nidanne Etienne Guefack - Smile more often.  I love to see it..

Tara Parker - You are TRULY blessed!

Lillian Mondaro - I can fall asleep anywhere too! lmao

Janis Falanga - That collectors vault book looks AWESOME!

Maria Claros - Love You Forever no matter what!

Lauren Wahl - Would you get married already..lmao

Mary Kakos - I'm gonna rename the island Turks & Kakos. lol

Marty Radovic - I always laugh at your sense of humor! lol

Brandon 'Misfit Leroy' Flournoy - Can't come up with a better comment than the first

Dalton Pompey - You are better than good.  You're the best!

Carmen B. Mills - And the Shoe Fetish Award Goes To...

Tomika Elle - I LOVE what you mean to my virtual world!

Michelle Loucanides D'Errico - What's a Weather Buster?  Always wanted to

Romina Alvarez - Next lifetime, let's be single at the same time..

Maritza Martinez - You are a champion for what you have survived!

Andres Cortes - Your family pics always make me smile.

Edward Biged Gomez - You're the MAN no need to tell anyone.

Iliana Abreu - I love those cheeks.  The ones you smile with..of course ;)

Chany Michael Santiago - Such a hard working brother!  See you back in NJ one day!!

Jose Portillo - We need to catch up dude!

Kerri Banchon - One day at a time.  Amen to that!

Liddie Mccabe - I love those eyes.

Katy Crist - "Starve your ego feed your soul"  My soul loves you for this but my ego is mad at you. lol

Benjamin Poeschl - Let's get into business brother!

Rolando Bossio - DJ Bossio :wiki wiki: lmao

Patricia Giordano-Mastropolo - You are the hottest thing in Arizona! ;)

Tony Moreno - You look like a GREAT dad!

Miriam Rey - So glad we found each other again.  We probably live in the same community too! lmao

Nicholas J Shemes - Let's go champ!  2011 is yours..

Ruth Avecillas -  LOVELY smile. ;)

Susan Bonavito-Buckman - Love those dimples.

Tristan Dimaculangan - I'll broker the deal if you still want to be the tyrant of the

Charlcereen Harris - You must be the BEST mother!

Anthony Dominguez - Big Tone it's been way too long.

Eliza Neals - Such a soulful voice.  Let's talk management.

Jennifer Abramowitz Mandarino - Love You and miss you..

Aliris Rentas-Cruz - Such a beautiful family you're raising.

Karen Eloy- Oramas - You and John are lucky to have each other!

Cristina Monteagudo - LOVE that smile. ;)

Kristen Jett - I pray you stay healthy.  You're too beautiful to not be.

Wynter Gabriella Johnson - You my love are made up of the finest thing on Earth.

Jaidy Lopez - Only woman I know who looks sexy in a hat. lol

Michael Lara - That Dr. Seuss pic ALWAYS cracks me up!

Donna Bentley - Love You!  Come to New York!!

Ray N Val Reyes - Best relationship on FB...hands down...

Danielle Roberto - I love when you smile.

Marlene Bayersdorfer - Those dimples still get me..

Luis Sandoval - That baby pic CRACKS me up!

Marsha Lyons - You look like wonder woman to me. ;)

Frank Martinez - How's your band doing?  Let's talk representation in the future.

  • Ari Gets BIG Birthday Love

1018: Happy Birthday

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Ari Admani & Company is the premier firm specializing in the business affairs of some of 
your favorite people in the world.  We consult billionaires, multi-millionaires, record labels, multi-platinum artists, grammy winners, sports team owners, athletes, actors, app developers, social network creators, authors, fashion designers, models and maybe even YOU.

We have 13+ years of experience and a 55,000+ cult like audience.  We were put in business by Ari's mentor the legendary Bert Padell.

For musicians we do everything from Marketing & Pr, to the hiring of Grammy-award winners
to create critically acclaimed projects.  We're masters at tour scheduling, booking, artist features on records, celebrity appearances/partnerships.

Check out more about how everyone loves Ari from Tony Robbins to Lil Wayne to Funkmaster Flex to Jon Shecter to The Heatmakerz to Fred The Godson to Scott Vener to Brandy & Ray J's Momma to Tila Nguyen to Hot 97 personality Ebro to Universal Republic EVP Charlie Walk to Idris (Chief Keef) to Leroy Benros (Angel Haze) to Forbes writer Zack O'Malley Greenburg to Fashion Designers (Costello Tagliapietra) and even Naughty by Nature.

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